Reference projects: ALNECTUS, Lithuania, LT

One more full Xpanded project is being delivered…
Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania is one more new entry in the Country list of METALSKIN products.

In a brand-new office building the Xpand finds several different applications and actually steel the looks…with two floors parking area around 1300 m² of XP105 panels and facade of building with covered area about 350 m².

The Installation method of the panels was really easy and fast from the responsible contractor of installation and let him stay inside the short timeline during the project. The T-shape frame profiles were mounted on the wall using point fixation along the wall every meter. XP panels have been measured on place and attached to the T profiles using painted screws.

Xpand is available in a variety of forms, motives and colors that differ according to the given dimensions, the light penetration, and the design.
Through the endless variety of designs and colors of new METALSKIN’s product line on facades, fences, sunscreens, special designs, customized projects, everything is up to your imagination and… to MetalSkin products!